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Due to a unique particular customized brand of Nano Lamination, our product is very high by distributors with excellent reputations.


We are willing to work with the product and develop a good understanding of each distributor of  Nano Lamination. Introducing this product to the area we will begin with The Nano Lamination Mousse treatment. Gradually, there will be more products to introduce within each area.

We are looking for highly qualified sales representatives and stylists (technology) to work with a brand that would produce a creative presentation to potential clients (salons) and further training of artists.

We are also seeking managers that are qualified to work with statistics. Some examples of the reports needed are marketing surveys and statistics on the number of potential clients both in the city and the territory controlled by the distributor.

Each Distributor will be required to submit a report on its work; sales and new customers on a monthly basis and possibly create 2-3 formal events for Nano Lamination yearly (new product launches, celebrations, and other occasions).


Requirements for companies and personnel

  • To become knowledgeable and strictly abide by the rules of the work with the product and potential customers of the company.
  • Provide staff the training they need to know how to work with clients, how to present the product, and know the answers to standard questions of the client.
  • Create a plan to work with clients (Salon Class A).
  • Participate in various activities for the promotion and popularization of products among the masters.
  • Provide suggestions for advertising and promotion in the media and other means of marketing communications.


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