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Nano Lamination has wide flexibility in comparison with other materials. Furthermore, it represents the development of new revolutionary technology.

Nano-molecular technologies have been used in a variety of highly-advanced fields, but now this sophisticated technology has entered the beauty industry. A nano-molecule is one in ten-thousandth of the thickness of one hair. Nano Lamination is a technology in which each hair is covered with a shiny foil-like lacquer, whereby the individual hair is thoroughly permeated by the process.

Nano Lamination has a high penetrating ability of nanoparticles.

repairs hair
hair botox

• Protects against washout and prevents discoloration.

• Maintains moisture,  and provides frizz control.

• Adds volume and thickness, increasing hair volume by at least 10%.

• Repairs form and elasticity.

• Aligns the surface of the hair, eliminating all the roughness.

• Supplies the hair with a rich protein, thereby making the hair more flexible and better protected from damage.     

Nano Lamination hair/comprehensive protection and natural renewal process.

hair keratin
frizz free
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