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Step by step 

Step 1:

1.1 Wash hair twice with Nano Lamination Clarifying Shampoo. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER!


1.2 Dry hair 100% with a blow dryer.

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For straightening blonde hair tones, combine 90% BIO SLEEK treatment with 10% NANO SILKY treatment.

Step 2:

2.1 Apply treatment to small sections of the hair, starting ¼-inch from the root. Comb the hair after applying the product to each section. Repeat again until the entire hair has been treated. Ensure that the solution is evenly distributed and that the entire hair is saturated with the treatment.

2.2 Cover the hair with a shower cap and leave the treatment on for 50 minutes under heat followed by 10 minutes without heat (60 min in total).

*For thick, curly, or resistive curly hair leave for 60 minutes under heat and 30 minutes without heat (90 min in total).


Step 3:

Rinse with water to completely remove the treatment and then use Nano Lamination Treatment Care Shampoo to wash the treatment product out of the hair.

*For Damaged or dry hair apply a hair Mask/Conditioner after shampooing, wait for 5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly, before using the flat iron.

*For thick, curly, or resistive curly hair just rinse the product 100% without shampoo.


Step 4:

4.1 Dry the hair completely (100%)

Divide the hair into 4 sections to prepare the customer for the next stage – straightening the hair with the flat iron in small sections. Repeat the same section ten (10) to sixteen (16) times until the hair is luxurious and silky.

** 4.2 Examine the results for corrections

After the flat iron wash hair with Shampoo and apply a hair Mask/Conditioner right after. Dry and check the hair if a correction is required. There's no need to be concerned if you missed a curl or a puffy section, repeat the flat ironing process while the customer is still in your salon.​ For best results use Babyliss pro 2091/2094

*Flat Ironing Instructions medium to fine hair temperature range :

410-430 F (210-221 C) The number of passes: 10 -12 times from base to ends

*Hair that is coarse, and resistant to temperature range :

430 - 450 F (221 - 232 C)

the number of passes: 12-16 times from base to ends.

Use professional judgment when setting the temperature for the flat iron.

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